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Ballards also guard the door tracks from fork-lift traffic

Helps you comply with OSHA’s standard 1910.23 requiring a barrier (210 lb. test) on all outside openings with a fall hazard of 48″ or more.

Dock Guadian can be easily installed with 5/8″ anchor bolts as shown or with optional longer ballards to be set in concrete.  The retaining straps are spring retracted and stored inside the ballard. The straps provide a no-sag barrier for maximum effectiveness.

Standard Sizes:
8ft. and 10ft.

DG8BP       =     8ft. w/base plate
DG10BP     =     10ft. w/base plate
DG8            =     8ft. and no base plate
DG10          =     8ft. and no base plate


 Made in the U.S.A

TWO 45″ PIPE BALLARDS with 5.5″ X 7″ base plate

TWO 2″ WIDE SAFETY STRAPS with D ring hooks plus receiving slots in opposite ballard TWO RECOIL ASSEMBLIES with stop guard and replaceable spring returns